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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Delays, Delays

Let's go back to the demo from the previous post, for a moment. Once you got to the "Advanced User Information" step, you may have noticed an unsightly disabled text box at the top of the screen:

Screen Shot

The purpose of that text box is to display the name of the user entered in the previous step. To do that, I need to populate the text box only when the controller reaches this step and not before. The cleanest (but not the only) way to do that is by setting the step's StepReachedHandler property to a void delegate that will do the initialization for you. Here's the modified Main method from the previous post's demo demonstrating how this would be done (changes in bold):

var steps = new List<IStep>();
var simpleEntryUI = new SimpleEntryUI();
var simpleEntryStep =
    new TemplateStep(simpleEntryUI, "User Information");
var advancedEntryUI = new AdvancedEntryUI();
var advancedEntryStep =
    new TemplateStep(advancedEntryUI,
"Advanced User Information");
advancedEntryStep.StepReachedHandler = () =>
    advancedEntryUI.FullName = simpleEntryUI.FullName;
steps.Add(new ConditionalStep(
    () => { return simpleEntryUI.ShowAdvancedOptions; },

Label farewellMessage = new Label();
farewellMessage.Text = "Well, done. Bye, now!";
steps.Add(new TemplateStep(farewellMessage, 10, "Goodbye!"));
new WizardController(steps).StartWizard("User Data Wizard");

The StepReachedHandler does not get evaluated until the controller reaches the step, hence it has access to all the data provided by the preceding steps. Note, that if you run the example above but do not check the "Show Advanced Settings" checkbox, the StepReachedHandler will not run at all. This is what you would expect: if a step is inside a conditional and the condition is false, the StepReachedHandler of that step will not run.

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